About Me

I am a Photo & Video Pro (I use this term extremely lightly) specializing in deeper underwater and technical diving (cave diving, wrecks, deeper openwater, rebreathers, etc.) photography and video. I am the owner and founder of Paragon Dive Adventures which specializes in open circuit technical and CCR dive training, custom travel options, and specialized equipment sales.

My underwater passions are varied, and I truly enjoy all types of diving, but I have made a niche for myself in videography and photography of the deeper wrecks, caves, mines, and macro critters in my backyard and around the world. I am an Open Circuit Trimix instructor, CCR Mixed Gas instructor Instructor Trainer, Cave Instructor, and Advanced Wreck instructor.

I love teaching new CCR divers the ropes and showing them how the rebreather can enhance their diving photography and videography experience. To me there is nothing better than exposing divers to these "extreme" diving environements and giving them the tools needed to operate safely in these unforgiving spaces.

Just another incredible day diving California's Channel Islands